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The School of Health Administration was established in 1963 under the Ministry of Health in parallel with the development and change process of health management in the world. Later, with the decision of the Hacettepe University Senate dated 5.6.1970 and numbered 800, the School of Hospital Administration was established and gave graduate education until 1975. With the decision of 75-816 Senate dated 6.11.1975, the undergraduate program was opened and the name of the school was changed to “School of Health Administration”. The school affiliated to the Ministry of Health and the school affiliated to Hacettepe University were united in Hacettepe University as a single school with the Decree Law No. 41 dated 20 July 1982, which was enacted on the basis of the Higher Education Law no. It was connected to the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences under the name of Department of Health Administration with the recommendation of Higher Education Institution numbered 008913 and decision of Hacettepe University Senate on 24.04.2006. In the meeting of the Executive Board of Higher Education dated 16.11.2016, pursuant to Articles 7 / d-2 and 7 / h of Law No. 2547 amended by Law No. 2880, it has been decided to be replaced the name of the Department of Health Administration with "Health Management".
Senate and YOK Decision on the Change of Department Name  //
In accordance with the letter of the Higher Education Council dated 20.10.2017 and numbered 75850160-101.03.01-E.70312, in the undergraduate program of the Health Management Department, "Health Policy and Economy", "Health Institutions Management", "Quality Assurance in Health Service" and " Health Informatics " department branches have been established.
The Department of Health Management, which makes researches in undergraduate and graduate levels of education to improve the knowledge on the management of health services and organizations, is pioneer in its field in Turkey. The Department of Health Management aims to graduate highly qualified professional health managers who; are confident, know their country and the World well, adopt contemporary and universal values, investigate and question, speak in at least one foreign language well, have a production oriented entrepreneurial spirit, have developed communication and leadership skills, and equipped with the necessary principles, knowledge and skills for their profession through undergraduate and graduate education programs.
Individuals who graduate from the Department of Health Management have the potential to be employed as middle and senior managers or staff working in financial and technical affairs in various hospitals and public and private health institutions and organizations.