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Voluntary) Internship

With the decision of the Board of Directors of our university dated 21.12.2016 and numbered 2016 - 2958, it has been stated that the Occupational Accident and Occupational Disease Insurance premium expenses of our students who do voluntary (voluntary) internships will be covered by the Department of Health, Culture and Sports.

Students who want to do an optional (voluntary) internship can apply to the Department Internship Coordinator by filling out the Annex-2 and Annex-3 forms below.

 It is important for our students who want to do a voluntary internship to submit the following documents completely, AT THE LATEST 1 MONTH BEFORE the internship start date, in order to carry out the internship procedures completely and on time.

APPENDIX 2 - Intern Student Information Form

APPENDIX 3 - Workplace Application and Acceptance Form


 The maximum period of voluntary (voluntary) internship is 30 working days.